Tom Tsui’s PFD Is Out

Saitek FIP owners, Tom’s primary flight display is now available. Like all his gauges, it seems worth every penny. I’ll be getting mine today and it will serve the right seat.


3 thoughts on “Tom Tsui’s PFD Is Out

  1. Hi Tom.

    Just like to say your new PFD display is terrific. If anyone out there is hesitating in getting this gauge…don’t, just get it, you won’t be regret it!. Roll on the HSI. :-)

    1. Actually, the Saitek FIP is nearly exactly the same screen size as the real-world Garmin G5 unit that Tom is trying to replicate. Whether folks want a personal flight display that size is its own thing, but for what it’s worth I found the gauge very easy to read and use in the sim.

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