A Better Set Of Lua Scripts For Rotary Encoders In X-Plane

A few years back I posted a LUA script I had modified for increasing the speed with which a rotary encoder can change something like a heading bug in X-Plane. While you can assign a rotary encoder — either one you place in your sim or maybe one of the dials on a Saitek FIP — to change a heading bug by having it send a keyboard stroke to the simulator

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, that process moves the bug very very slowly, and this old script speeded that up.

Last week I noticed that the script I used to change my OBS via a rotary encoder was no longer working in FlyWithLua. In trying to find the source of the error I found new posts in this post at the .ORG in which Adamo posted a link to a .ZIP file which has improved scripts for a variety of different bugs you might want to sent via an encoder: Heading, Airspeed, Altitude, VClimb/Descent, OBS, etc. They work GREAT, and are worth downloading if you want this functionality in your sim. The link to the .ZIP file is about half-way down the thread.

2 thoughts on “A Better Set Of Lua Scripts For Rotary Encoders In X-Plane

  1. Thank you for this! I just put a Diagma panel in my simulator, and using the rotary switches, it is very slow. I talked to the manufacturer about this, and they said that it is a software thing. I have not tried your lua script yet, but will. I hold out hope that it will speed things up, as moving the compass and heading bug are a real pain!

  2. Hi!
    Would you mind sharing those new scripts?
    The previous one were working well until i added a gps hardware (like you have). Because the old scripts started with the limes “requiere radio ” which interfere with the com commands of the GPS (decimal bug).

    I didn’t understand how to modify the scripts shared on your post, and couldn’t figure out after i asked on the org in private to the creator of this script.
    Take care

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