Help Me Name My Book!

After more than a year of having it on the back burner, I’ve been working recently to complete my book on building a home GA flight simulator. I’m searching for a title — one better for a Kindle ebook than “Building Your Basement Flight Simulator: A General Guide” — and would like your help. Please consider taking the poll below, and I will use the results to inform my thinking on the title. Thanks so much.

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17 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Book!

  1. Being in the “IT”, computer, website business, I always try to think of what someone would be “Googling” when trying to find something online.

    Would they be more likely to search “building a home cockpit” or “building a home flight simulator”? I can’t be sure.

    I am trying to remember how I originally found Hoping that help me make better suggestions.

  2. John makes a good point. How about your first suggestion adding “cockpit” : “Building Your Home Flight Simulator Cockpit.” A little long , but says it all, with key words that will be picked up in a search.

  3. November 6, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    Yes , that will do it! I like it too.
    OK, Some confusion here. Not to denigrate Cubs Win’s suggestion, my comment applies to BFG’s “Home Cockpit: Building Your General Aviation Flight Simulator”. Somehow, since I made this post, Cubs Win’s post was placed ahead of mine, leading to some confusion, I suppose. My bad: I should have quoted the post I was responding to. I wish to state that I like BFG’s suggestion of:
    “Home Cockpit: Building Your General Aviation Flight Simulator”

    Sorry if the ordering of the posts creates confusion as to my preference.


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