It’s Panel Rebuild Day

Here’s the “before” …

Making progress …

Time to start cutting …

Fitting things together …

Paint is on and drying. I was able to find a nice flat black this time. I wasn’t a fan of the matte finish on the last panel.

Now rebuilding … and cleaning up USB mayhem.

7 thoughts on “It’s Panel Rebuild Day

  1. What brand, store, price for the throttle quadrant. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for posting the excellent pictures. They have answered some of my panel building questions.

  2. Nice job on the panel!! But I have one very important question …I also have the Flightillusion AP and havnt been able to use it..would love to k ow how you managed to get your working if you did.I can have on one function working at a time..Nav, heading, alt climb/ descend….using Xplane11 11.30 and FIllusions latest software.
    Any kind of help or tip on how you did it would be so helpful.
    Kind regards

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