GTX1080ti First Impressions

I’ll put up a longer post later, but initial impressions under my normal 980ti settings:

Running one screen, 1080p:

  • Before, KSPG clear skies: 90 FPS
  • 1080ti: 115 FPS
  • Before, KSPG overcast: 76 FPS
  • 1080ti: 91 FPS
  • And in VR:
    • Before, KSPG clear skies: 45 FPS
    • 1080ti: 45 FPS
    • Before, KSPG overcast: 30 FPS
    • 1080ti: 43 FPS

    Now I’m going to get into playing with changing settings

    , but so far I am very happy!

    6 thoughts on “GTX1080ti First Impressions

    1. Great post. I have this card and would like to know how your performance is in your physical 3 screen cockpit with the Orbx uk scenery that you have been reviewing

    2. Interesting that there is no improvement in VR in clear skies.
      As I already have a 1070 card, which is not the best but not exactly yet long in the tooth, I’m contemplating the next upgrade for my VR rig. I’m thinking maybe going with the Samsung Odyssey + HMD.

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