Video Review: The xVision Shader Utility In Action

xVision, a new (and free) shader utility for X-Plane is getting a lot of attention. I’ve never used shader tweaks, although I have modified some art assets via my own Lua script, so I decided to give xVision a try. Below is a flight in VR from KSBP to L88 and back, at dusk and into night using the XtremeRealistic Enhancement preset. Having used xVision a little bit, I have two conclusions:

  1. It works great, at least for me. And the XtremeRealistic Enhancement preset is excellent and X-Plane absolutely looked the best I’ve ever seen it look. It sharpened the image a bit more than I like (it gave me jagged edges in VR)

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    , but I was able to turn that down in the xVision Pro settings.

  2. The xVision preset improved the clarity of the VR image for me, enough that I probably could have turned down super sampling. This was a surprise for me, but I was happy to see it. I could read the GPS frequencies with absolutely no difficulty.

Absolutely give it a whirl – but be sure to back up per the instructions! (And if you are wondering where the activation key is that xVision asks for on installation, it’s in a text file in the folder you downloaded.)

4 thoughts on “Video Review: The xVision Shader Utility In Action

  1. I agree with Mike. Looks great in VR! No impact on frames. Actually ran real-world weather today and it was great. Best looking I have seen in VR.

    Also, for PilotEdge users, I was able to see traffic MUCH better.

    Thanks for the info OTG!


  2. Thanks for the review of xVision. It works very well for me in VR except at night where I have the impression that I am looking through glasses with fine dark speckles on them. In addition, outside the terrain appears almost binary, ie. in areas where there are no lights patches are either a washed out off-white (almost snow-like) or a darkish grey. I have supersampling set to 1.4 in the tray tool and 0,6 for the smoothing in Extreme realistic for xVision (have played with both to no avail). Turning reflections down in XPlane seems to have no effect. Perhaps you could share latest Occulus /xPlane/x Vision settings. In any case love your blog – keep up the great work

    PPL (France)

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