Join Me For Cross-Country Practice Today At 11:45 AM ET

Today I’ll be simulating my real-world solo cross-country, which is scheduled for this Monday. I’ve decided to stream the flight, and if you want to ride along you may do so here. I should be streaming around 11:45 AM ET today.

UPDATE: Boy was this a pain trying to get off the ground. First there were USB problems on PC boot. Then the audio wasn’t working in X-Plane. Then the sim crashed. In the real world I have a “three strikes and you’re out” rule for any flight — three small problems

, taken together, is the Universe telling you not to go flying. So we ditched the flight and I instead did Q&A with the viewers for a while, which I enjoyed. I will try to stream this flight again tomorrow morning US Eastern time.


2 thoughts on “Join Me For Cross-Country Practice Today At 11:45 AM ET

  1. BFG,

    Yeah I don’t blame you. The Gods were telling you something. I was wondering, and waiting.

    Was you going to use PilotEdge for this? I just signed up for the 2-week deal. It would be awesome for me to fly with someone “real.” It would be a FIRST! A first in 34 years of flight simming!
    We certainly have come a long, long way since my Commodore64, a 12″ black & white portable television manually dialed by turning a knob to channel 4, and a couple Atari joysticks!!

    As luck would have it for me, however, we be in your neck of the woods in real life this weekend. Leaving Valkaria and headed to Bradenton Saturday and St Pete Sunday for Easter. Happy Easter by the way. Are you going to be the one dropping those Easter eggs on the beach lol?
    Oh well… better luck next time I guess 🙂
    Enjoy your flight.
    Blue Skies!

  2. Hi on the glide slope

    Great news your about to do your cross country –
    I did mine 2 weeks ago it’s a great feeling

    Just found out a wee interesting fact
    When using the oculus in vr sitting in the left seat in the real airframe ,you can have an instructor in the right seat ,he can see all the action by
    Undocking and adding a new view in fsx ,not a virtual view as for the oculus, you make the new view a cockpit view move and resize this view on to the projector or tv at the front –
    also using air manager to show the Cessna gauges behind the left monitor in the real airframe
    So now anybody sitting in the right seat can see everything that the person is doing in the headset

    Dave from Scotland

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