9 thoughts on “Oh Boy

  1. I considered sending you a random note not to be envious of those using VR.
    For someone who has a nice physical cockpit (and VR) already, I will be VERY interested in your take, once you’ve used it for a while.

  2. I picked up the oculus rift yesterday also, prettty impressed so far. Would be interested to hear what you think of the lack of visual clarity of the gauges/Gps, it looks too pixelated to me and the gps is pretty much unusable.

  3. Let me know if you need any help getting started. I have a Rift, and also briefly had a Samsung Odyssey. I have experience both with FlyInside and now the native VR for X-plane. I have read all the hints on how to get maximum performance and can probably save you a few moments of frustration. If interested, send me an email and perhaps we can connect on Skype.


  4. Guys i have oculus rift cv1, it is very nice and immersive, but if you really want to learning how to fly the best i think is what you use (on the glideslope) , it is by far better ,oculus rift is more immersive but not the same when you have a cockpit , my dream now is to build one just like yours , probably is gonna take a long time to build one like (on the glideslope) but starting to buy all of the sim pro stuff and i’m going to be very happy ok my friends . thanks guys

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