KTPA Roadmap

I’ve had a few folks ask when Tampa will be ready. My answer is, probably a few months, as it’s a big field and I’m really trying to do it right. Doing it in all default objects also adds a bit to the complexity, as I try to find new ways to render real-world objects using only the default set. That said, I’d be eager to have folks using it, looking for gaps in what’s completed, etc. So I think I’ll start releasing it in various beta releases, probably along this schedule:

  • All runways, taxiways, and tarmacs aligned to real-world, and basic terminal structures complete.
  • Detailed terminal work, probably one terminal at a time.
  • Correct tarmac taxiway lines (including what is and is not lit)
  • Correct placement of all airport lighting
  • Correct painted tarmac signs (e.g., 19L)
  • Correct placement of additional draped tarmac textures and painted tarmac (lines on the sides of runways, etc.)
  • Private jet center.
  • Maintenance hangars.
  • GA hangars.
  • Detailed tarmac lines, objects, etc., probably one terminal at a time.
  • Updated parking / tower / airport buildings, probably one major area at a time.
  • Roads.
  • Vegetation.
  • Surrounding objects.

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