4 thoughts on “The Process Begins

  1. I’ve been watching all your videos and scoping out your page. Very inspiring to say the least. I am a huge fan of aviation and have using micforsoft flight SIM since 1993 on a 386sx16! But more recently I have been wanting to build a home cockpit and a powerful computer to use the new flight sims out today.

    Can’t wait to see you get this back together! Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. Hi, I just bought a home constructed cockpit for Cessna 172 using 3 – 50” smart TV monitors with X Plane 11. It is mostly crude and wooden obviously. I bought it on Craigslist from a guy near my city. He was kind enough to come and put it together for me at my house. The only problem is that shortly after my purchase, I moved from the house. and the guy I bought it from moved out of State. Long story short, I deconstructed the thing and my problem is how to put it back together again. While looking around on the line, I stumble over you site and saw what you have put together. I like it better than mine. Any idea how I can use your Sim to replace mine? Where would I get the materials you used to put your flight sim together? Please help! I am desperate and there aren’t many people around the area who have the know how.
    Thanks for your in put and help you can render to me

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