3 thoughts on “City Of Angels (X-Plane Style)

  1. A,

    Nice shots! Now that you are flying in RL, how do you compare the taxi and landing round out runway friction RL vs XP11? I’m trying to Get good at super cub short field landings…and I am having a dickens of a time stopping without tipping over, even after watching Steve at Flight Chops do it many times….and yes I am;
    1. Approaching at 65 Kts, full flaps, and;
    2. Doing wheelies on concrete/asphalt and three-point landings on my newly installed 1000ft grass strip at K69, and;
    3. Stabbing my rudders as needed, and;
    4. holding the stick back, until stopped.

    Got your WUS library…nicely done!……and u96 verified my ATC traffic layout for K69…

    but…over time, it seems that spawning areas once depopulated, stay that way… in other words landing volume <, ≠ take off volume… have you found that?


  2. I don’t use a lot of AI Chas, so it’s hard to say on the latter question.

    On the former, I’d have to imagine that real-world pilots doing short field are looking for less that 65 knots over the fence. See what you can find online.

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