7 thoughts on “The PilotEdge CAT 10 Rating

  1. Nice work A!

    Did an all-nighter tweaking my K69 scenery here at the farm AND finally, ‪@DrStephPlum‬ , LANDED the SuperCub in ≤500 ft without flipping!!! https://youtu.be/JQSCCHCu7xU
    … I learned;
    1. Tail wheel training makes you a better over-all pilot, and;
    2. Get stable approach speed≤65 Kts with either a wheelie on paved strip, OR 3Pt landing in the grass… And;
    3. Don’t be afraid to “stab” your rudder movements, and;
    4. Fly until yer stopped with the stick allllll the way back in yer belly!

    This is going to take many hours to perfect, especially in cross-winds…fine by me…I’m in a great sim-X-Plane, with(if you build it..wonderful eye-candy) and I’m retired…best of all worlds!

    Thank you Dennis and Steve https://youtu.be/TppcWdsrqQA , https://youtu.be/hRQJuSbcwSA !!!

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