Things Are Getting Real

Just a quick update on the real-world flight training. With the medical approved the solo work has finally gotten underway. I flew my third supervised solo earlier this week, and now the true solo work begins where I rent the airplane and go fly maneuvers alone (and I have the endorsement to fly down to Wilmington to do pattern work in the Delta airspace as well). I need to get five hours of that in, then it’s night takeoffs and landings, dual cross-countries, solo cross-countries, and check-ride prep. My CFI wants me to take the written test in the next four weeks, so I’ve been hitting the books. It’s great to be in this stage of the process.

6 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Real

  1. Congratulations, and good luck with your solos and test!!
    Back in ’92 I had aced ground school, and was almost ready to solo, but the FAA didn’t like that I had head surgery when I was younger. So I was denied my medical.
    I was flying out of Golden State Aviation, at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, CA. I still miss it!

    That’s how I came to find you and your website. I’ve flown most Flight Simulators, since my C-64, even some real military simulators, near March AFB!

    Thanks for your inspiration!


  2. Now is when the fun comes, you will enjoy the next weeks like no one. You are inspiring me to get back to the air. I will do it in celebration of your checkride., have fun!

  3. Hi bfg

    It’s dave from Scotland –

    Good luck with the flying training ,I have 45 hours and 10 solo completed and all the exams done, but other commitments have taken over ,so I have to stop training .
    Ive got the real Cessna sim in the garden shed so it’ll keep me flying lol .

    Best regards

  4. Being entirely selfish I hope your impending success as a qualified pilot doesn’t stop you from making those wonderful and informative sim videos we all enjoy so much.

    But in all seriousness I wish you every success in all the duals and solos ahead, It is clear, to me anyway, that you have worked very hard and deserve to make it with flying (pun intended) colours.

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