5 thoughts on “Visual Testing (X-Plane)

  1. Nice work. Have you thought of using a calibration DVD, such as Spears and Munsil’s HD Benchmark Blu-Ray? Color calibration is really subjective, and as a professional photographer in one of my jobs, I’ve also found that it can be difficult to know which direction to go with adjustment sliders (e.g., do you add more magenta, take away green, boost brightness, reduce contrast, etc?), and a DVD like this removes a lot of the subjectivity.

    You could do one side screen, then use the same settings for the other side (though, to be accurate, each screen should be done individually).

    1. Thanks Dennis. I have, and I ran a calibration about six months ago. This time I was just tweaking a bit given the different HDR output from X-Plane 11. Everyone should use a calibration disk IMO. Most of the flight sim stuff I see is way oversaturated and way overexposed.

      1. >>Most of the flight sim stuff I see is way oversaturated and way overexposed.<<

        I could say that for almost every TV I ever see (outside of our house, of course 🙂 ).

        People come into our house and comment on the great color of our main living room TV, and how lifelike the colors are, yet are amazed when I tell them I actually turned DOWN most of the adjustments in order to get there.

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