3 thoughts on “A Quick Hop Around Mt. Spokane

  1. The scenery display was spectacularly accurate. I could show you my condo – not the building, my specific unit, and the poles on which I adjusted tower pads last Sunday.

  2. Another brilliant video. Thank you.

    Like you I use photo scenery. I use zl17 which is awesome. I did however feel that seeing cars driving on the road textures on xplane destroyed the immersion of the orthophoto experience. I replaced my default textures with transparencies and the cars now drive on the roads as they show in the photos.it’s pretty amazing seeing road markings as they are supposed to be. If you have a good hd mesh then the vehivles line up really well.. from 2000ft it looks fantastic. The downside is that the photo scenery might have stationary cars on it, but the effect is well worth it . Seeing solid grey roast just doesn’t look right to me. If you don’t like it you can run the installer and get the defaults back. I think the link that led me to this was http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36195-orthoroads-11zip/ . Love to know what you feel about that. Keep up the brilliant content.

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