Building Your Own GA Flight Simulator Guide: Update

Several readers have been waiting patiently for me to publish the guide I’m writing on building a GA flight simulator like mine. As an update, it’s in the final stages. I’ve sent preliminary and very rough copies to a few “beta readers,” who have had constructive feedback, and I’m going through every line now cleaning up errors, making things more clear, and double-checking measurements. A few things on the punch list:

  • Write final minor sections that are still incomplete
  • Ensure I have accurate metric measurements throughout for our friends in Europe and beyond
  • Add additional photography where pictures can say 1,000 words
  • Update the CAD drawings to be easier to read and double-check their accuracy
  • Typographical proof
  • Pagination proof

Maybe this weekend if I really bear down it will be finished? We will see.

I do intend to charge for it, and I plan to price it at $30 US. One of the beta readers asked if that would be too much, and my view was, “It’s taken me a year to get the experience and many hours to write it, and for someone making the investment in a simulator I think that’s a fair price to get plans and advice from someone who has gone before them.” After seeing the preview (and very incomplete copy), he thought the price was more than fair. I also plan to consider that a “perpetual upgrade” price, meaning that if I continue to evolve the guide over time I will send updated copies to all who have ordered it in the past.

For those who are curious, here are the cover and table of contents, and you can click on each image to see a larger version. At nearly 60 pages it may be more of a book now than a guide, but I’m trying to make it as complete for others as I can. I’ll post you as things move to the final stages.

GA_Flight_Sim_Guide_Cover_pdf__1_page_ GA_Flight_Sim_Guide_Front_Matter_pdf__page_1_of_3_ GA_Flight_Sim_Guide_Front_Matter_pdf__page_2_of_3_

22 thoughts on “Building Your Own GA Flight Simulator Guide: Update

  1. I think 30 bucks is reasonable by just looking at the table of contents. *-) I can’t wait and add me to the pre-order list.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. In my opinion the price is totally affordable and fair. People have to think that you have invested a lot of money and hours on your sim and if they want to know how you did it, it is fair to pay for that information and the price is very affordable. We must be more than grateful for so much free information that you offer us.

  3. Happy to pay for it. Your hard work has already helped me out a ton so far. And, I think that’s definitely a fair price. TAKE MY MONEY! 🙂


  4. Wow! Thanks for the support, everyone. No need to worry about pre-ordering, as I’ll be sending everyone who orders one a custom PDF file with their name on it. I figure that takes shipping etc. out of the equation, and those who want to print it can.

  5. I hope it is this weekend since I started building yesterday. I have a frame built based on your original schematic. Timing moving forward would be pretty spot on.

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