Announcing The Glideslope Forum

For several months I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a forum for the site so that readers could connect directly with each other about their general aviation home cockpits and flight simulation. This morning I finally decided to give the idea a go, so I’m announcing the On The Glideslope Forum, which you may find here. Nothing complex, just a few spots to talk construction, controls, software, or chew the fat. The main thing is to have a place to exchange ideas and lessons learned, and I hope you’ll do so.

There are more than a few forums already out there for home cockpit construction, but very few, if any, for GA cockpits like the Basement Sim. So that’s the focus of the OTG forums, and I hope it fills a niche. Registration is not required to read posts, but you do need to register to comment or PM other users. You may register here.

Post-script: The forums involve a whole new set of software and coding for me. I know there will be bugs, but we’ll get them worked out. I also intend to improve the styling over time, but likely not today …

6 thoughts on “Announcing The Glideslope Forum

  1. That is a very good idea, it will be a great tool if members use it properly. I will register myself right now!!


    “Keeping the skies fun and safe”

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