Is Prepar3D 64-Bit On The Way?

Sim forums have been ripe with speculation that Lockheed Martin is working on a 64-bit version of Prepar3D for many months now, but in recent weeks the intensity has increased to the point of suggesting a new version is already in beta. It may be, and I hope so, as a 64-bit sim based on the FSX code is about 10 years overdue. I’ve chosen not to link to the post from which most of this speculation has grown, as to me the original Facebook thread does not read as authentic. But you can judge that for yourself.

More interesting to me than 64-bit capability, though, is the extent to which the underlying code will get a thorough rewrite. Much of my frustration with P3D was not actually tied to out of memory errors. Instead, it was its overall speed of use, stability, and the constant tweaking I needed to do to get it to preform well and look great. Beyond this, having used X-Plane 11 for a few months now, in my view the P3D flight models, UI, and lighting engine also need to come up to current technical standards. Candidly, I’m doubtful that LM will go this far, and if P3D 64-bit is nothing more than a marginally improved Preapar3D under the hood with greater memory access, I’ll keep doing most of my simming on X-Plane. But if they DO give P3D the rewrite it needs? That would be fantastic. Nothing could be better for the hobby than to have multiple platforms competing to lead the technology forward. So let’s keep watching and  hope for the best.

3 thoughts on “Is Prepar3D 64-Bit On The Way?

  1. +1 and in consent with your statement. The big issues with the current P3D & FSX-SE code are stability, & constant tweaking (Some Simmers found a new Hobby, Sim-Tweaking) which consume a whole lot of time and require Skills. I think 64bit will solve lot of issues mainly stability, and I do not think LM should give up on Lightning and improving Flight Module.
    I, personally, installed full version of XP11, and thus found lot Eye-Candy features, it pose lot of issues of it’s own, and in my case it is not fully functional, most of the problem are compatibility with my Hardware & some functionality which I have no clue how to resolve.

  2. I also made the switch to XP11, leaving behind P3D with thousands of dollars worth of addons! I love P3d with addons and would be interested to see what they come up with next, but I’m not holding my breath. Xplane 11 is amazing out of the box and most addons are free and dare I say as good if not better than ORBX. Feels more like a community and not a business,

    1. I agree. The open-source nature of the community is fantastic. And you watch: someone out there will solve ATC/AI with an add-on, and the weather keeps improving. Clear skies ahead for XP-11 I think.

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