xOrganizer Is A Must Have X-Plane Utility

As I’ve been downloading more ortho scenery to my X-Plane library I started needing a map of what tiles I’d downloaded so I could focus on areas where I really want to fly and not duplicate efforts. I couldn’t find a simple solution to this, so I started making my own map, when I got a tip in the .Org forums to check out xOrganizer. It’s a Windows utility that tracks all your custom scenery, LUA plugins, mesh, libraries, overlays, ortho scenery, airports and more. It also shows your scenery on a map, scans for duplicates, allows you to activate or deactivate scenery and plugins with a click — and perhaps best of all — automatically organizes your scenery config file so the order is appropriate (and tidy). It’s a great utility, and like so much in the X-Plane world, it’s free. You can get it here.





4 thoughts on “xOrganizer Is A Must Have X-Plane Utility

    1. Do you mean it’s useless because its paid? If not never mind. If yes then I dont understand this mentality. Why is it wrong for someone’s effort be worthy of monetary reward? The entire western world works because people can make money based on the work they put in. It rewards effort and creates incentive. The real question is: Why do you expect things to be provided to you for free?

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