Review: Desktop Aviator 1015 Cessna Combo Panel

A few months back I replaced my Saitek Switch Panel with the 1015 Cessna Combo Panel from Desktop Aviator. It’s a great product, very much like the real thing, and one of the best units I’ve bought for the sim. Here’s a short video review, and thanks to Bob at Desktop Aviator for making such a great unit.

3 thoughts on “Review: Desktop Aviator 1015 Cessna Combo Panel

  1. Agreed. You introduced me to the Fuel Selector panel, which I love. Nice line of quality products, and fairly priced. With FSUIPC can be set up in various ways, too. I decided I needed a parking brake control more than a fuel cut-off soi set up my fuel tank selector accordingly.

  2. Hello Sir:
    I have watching your On the Glide Slope video since I last heard from you ! Please remember if you should decide to sell the Saitek Throttle panel I am still very much interested in buying on ! Thank you for all your efforts in the ” on the Glide Slope series it is very helpful to new Simulator Pilots and those who maybe interested in taking up our Hobby ! Thank you ! Have Great Day !

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