Alphabet Challenge: Riverside To San Diego

The latest leg in my Alphabet Challenge flights on PilotEdge: KRAL to KSAN. Based on few viewer requests, this is a full flight with no edits and runs about an hour in length. It’s also over orthophoto scenery, so the view is nice. Pop some popcorn or pour a drink and enjoy the flight.

A wrinkle on this hop: a blown tire on takeoff.

As always, thanks for watching.

2 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge: Riverside To San Diego

  1. Very nice flight.
    I live in San Diego and work downtown, so when I used to fly FSX I would usually fly local. I started using Flight Simulators back on the C64, and was hooked.
    I’m not sure which FS software your using, but the scenery looked great. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see the Coronado Bridge on your approach to KSAN.
    You’ve really got a great set up. I am looking into options to build my own FS cockpit, taking cues from you and also Jeff at Sim Samurai.


  2. Great video – thank you. Orthos are looking great. You’ve probably sussed it by now but if not, to fix any failure go into the UI where you choose the aircraft and you will see a button left bottom re failures etc. Click on this and then click on the fix button – can be done in flight. It’s a great tool – apart from fixing you can set up all sorts of failures to happen at a certain time, height etc or randomly.


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