KTHM Thompson Falls, MT (X-Plane)

KTHM Thompson Falls, MT (X-Plane)

I had a viewer request to fly from KTHM, and looking at the default X-Plane scenery I decided to update it with something better. So here is KTHM for X-Plane 10.5+, and you may download it here. For this scenery to work properly you will also need the OpenSceneryX, JBHangars, and MisterX libraries. You will also need to download and place this folder in your custom scenery folder, and then place the JBHangars library inside it – this will make it so X-Plane sees the hangars. You only need to do this once. Thanks and I hope you like the scenery.







2 thoughts on “KTHM Thompson Falls, MT (X-Plane)

  1. Are you using ortho4xp for all your flying? If so does it look flat as the majority of photo real scenery. Also what overlays are you using x-plane originals or something different?

    1. Not all of it is Ortho, but much of it is. And it does not look flat. If the Ortho stuff is at the bottom of your scenery config file then the autogen, roads, cars, bui will populate on top of it. I have another post here on the ordering of my scenery that describes that.

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