8 thoughts on “Important For W2XP America Users

  1. Thank you for noting my question! It had me perplexed for awhile till I installed the FF Library which was not noted in the install instructions.

    AVSIM is a great resource!

    Thank you for your great videos! I enjoy watching and learning!


      1. Can you please include your custom scenary.ini file? I have installed the files but not sure I have the correct order. Thanks again for your help to all of us making things easy with X-plane installation

  2. This has been extremely useful information. Thank you for sharing with us through your website. In addition to the above suggestions, I have realized that I also need ruscenery for some of my other scenery. Do you have any suggestions as to where to find this? The ruscenery website has a link to the zip file but it looks like that link is non-functional. Thanks in advance.

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