Well, This May Come As A Shock To Some Of You …

… but this afternoon I moved my P3D install and all its add ons to my secondary drive to clear space for X-Plane 11 and associated photoscenery. I haven’t opened P3D since the X-Plane install, in fact. Looks like I’m an X-Plane guy for a while. 

6 thoughts on “Well, This May Come As A Shock To Some Of You …

  1. Me too cant see me going back to it was going to build a 737ng have shell of dash done panels and some screens in place also have the prosim software hope i can sell it on.

    1. I wish you luck. I didn’t know if there would be a run to the exits for XP11, but more folks are switching than I expected. I think DoveTail may be the real threat, if they ever release their full sim. But even then, they’ll have to rewrite a lot of code to make up for the legacy code base.

  2. Hardly a shock sir it’s pretty obvious that you were increasingly becoming enamoured as I have X-Plane 11 and I’m seriously considering duplicating your install process!

    Happy holidays to you and yours and all of your readers!


    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it, Chas? I just keep thinking about all that time I spent in P3D trying to get things right: affinity masks, CFG tweaks, etc. etc. etc. I miss good AI traffic, but really, not very much. If I want to practice ATC PilotEdge has me covered. It’s an amazing sim, and the supporting community is awesome. I look forward to the P3D 64 bit release, but unless they also re-write all the code …

  3. I must say when i first started following you i was very surprised that you weren’t using xplane when you have such an amazing build. Glad to see you have made the change. X plane is amazing and the flight modelling is second to none!

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