Success On The X-Plane Screen Config

At least darn close to it! The trick was to use Planemaker.exe to delete the cockpit objects. I’ll get it just right and then I’ll post a how-to. But I have to say, X-Plane 11 looks astonishingly good to me in the sim. I can’t believe it’s a beta.

21 thoughts on “Success On The X-Plane Screen Config

  1. I didn’t think x-plane allowed for multiple views? I have a similar set up as you (yours is much nicer) and I still use fsx steam because I can window tile multiviews. How are you doing that on xplane? By the way your videos and website our greatly appreciated and a true credit to our hobby!

  2. Could you please give me a quick how-to on how to delete cockpit objects in plane maker?
    I’m trying to test xplane in my sim to see if I will eventually buy it.

    thank you.

  3. Another great video. I agree with you about XPlane 11. I haven’t gone back to Prepar3d since I bought XPlane 11. I just purchased the RXPGTN-750-XPL and figuring out how to install it into XP11.

  4. that is lovely
    looking forward to the ‘know how’ to get the setting rights ! at the meantime i hope to have time to play with it myself.
    thanks again for the good reading !


  5. Great job configuring this and figuring it all out! Me, not so much, so am lookiing fwd to your ‘tutorial’ heck I only recently have P3D side views looking good!

  6. Happy Holidays,

    I’m having great difficulty getting the GTN to work with XP11. I’ve been all over the forums and net. Any link suggestions?


    (Love what your doing)

  7. I have modeled my home sim after yours and have the same projector. Your graphics look ten times better than mine. I am also using 16 GB ram and the nvidia 980ti graphics card. Can you share what your settings are for your projector? My side windows are fine as they are Asus monitors.

    1. Hi Bill. Are you sure it’s projecting in 1080? I don’t have any specific settings for it other than I’ve calibrated it to better match the side monitors. I only did that by tweaking the contrast etc. and playing around with it. It has some power management settings and you might check on those. I just opened the projector’s menu and started testing things out …

      1. Hi,
        I’m not sure it’s 1080 as xplane always shows “Default Monitor” settings for my projector and monitors. I’ll play around some more. Does your x plane graphics settings read default monitor settings?

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