Today We Actually Went Someplace

Today’s real-world lesson was great, and one I’ve been looking forward to for some time (in part because it has been scrubbed twice due to winds). Today was my first flight into a towered airport – KILG in Wilmington, DE – and we treated it as a mini cross country, doing VOR navigation along the way, and doing pattern work in Wilmington to get some of the towered landings requirement out of the way. The weather was clear and sunny, with some winds to keep it interesting. The pattern work was solid, as was the navigation, but the best part was putting all my PilotEdge time to the test talking to KILG tower. I nailed it, and made every call with no mic fright whatsoever. It was a blast, and I can’t wait to do more. It was really fun just to fly somewhere. Here’s today’s track, and if you click here you can replay the flight at CloudAhoy.


7 thoughts on “Today We Actually Went Someplace

  1. Excellent my friend! I loved doing those first flights so much! Pilotedge has got to be a big help for you, huh? Sure wish it was around when I was training.

    Maybe we’ll see ya on PE sometime.

    Happy Flying,

  2. Congrats! I remember the thrill and excitement of my tower work as a student in the Delta airspace. It was also scary at the same time! I have tried to install PE and it’s not happening as I am in bad need of PC and software upgrades. Thanks to you my motivation to upgrade has ramped up a lot! My hood work continues in the real world.

    Happy landings,


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