Alphabet Challenge: L (KLGB) To M (KMYF)

It’s been some time since the last Alphabet Challenge flight and I was eager to get back on PilotEdge and fly one. No video this time, and I really enjoyed doing a nice flight down the simulated California coast, enjoying the views and the ATC chatter along the way, and experiencing the new dimension of simulation brought by the new Buttkicker (one of the highlights – feeling the gear lock up over the rumble of the engine).

Long Beach in LA to Montgomery Executive outside of San Diego seems straight-forward, but in many ways it’s not. Here’s the chart and route:

ForeFlight_Web 3

There are more than a few airspace challenges here: stay out of the LA Bravo, transition the KSAN Charlie, avoid the R-2503B&C restricted area, manage the Palomar Delta, and stay out of the relatively complicated San Diego / Miramar Bravo shelfs near KMYF. The answer? Pick up ATC advisories, which makes the Charlies and Deltas go away, fly at 3,500 which navigates the Bravos, and hang a left at Mt. Soledad to stay clear of the Miramar and San Diego surface shelfs. All went according to this plan, thanks to the great service from PilotEdge ATC. And the weather was great, too, which made for some fun ORBX sight seeing (along with watching the very busy PE drone traffic zooming about):


Next up is M to N, Montgomery to Yuma (KNYL). 128.6 miles as the crow flies, and maybe I’ll get this in over the next couple of days. Here’s the challenge progress so far:


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