3 thoughts on “Video Review: Desktop Aviator Fuel Selector Panel

  1. I have been using this Panel for quite sometimes, and in most cases it works great, however, it is hard to get it work with some Payware AP, but since FSX or any other simulator recognize it as a Joystick, I think the issue is with AP not the Panel ( Carenado C206 for example), the puch pull CutOff never really worked for me.
    I’m trying to make DesktopAviator to come up with Fuel Selector for Twine Engine and Starter for Twin Engine, but for now no luck
    I’m using the Garmin G500 as well in FSX it’s is working great with the G530 as well. This was one of my best investments I made in the Sim

  2. oh. I did use SPAD.neXT with FSX-SE, just to replace the Switch Panel Saitek drivers, I did the trick and I gained control over the crippled Panel, didn’t try with XP11 since they do not offer free version any more ….. now what you telling me is that SPAD can handle devices other than Saitesk, that is ver interesting ….. I know that they about to come with interface tools to GoFlight ??


    Do you fly the Carenado CT206H X-plane version by a chance ???

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