Why The Sale?

bkav-set 2So why the decision to sell some of the replaced Saitek gear? First, so it can find a good home. I’ve heard from many readers and YouTube viewers that On The Glideslope has inspired folks to build their own sims, and I hope this gear can help some on that journey. But there’s another reason, and it’s to underwrite the cost of some new gear I’ve purchased for the sim that I hope will arrive in the next few weeks. When it does it’s going to require a panel rebuild, so I’m looking forward to that next step in the sim journey. I won’t tip all the details quite yet, but here’s a glimpse …

5 thoughts on “Why The Sale?

  1. Cant wait to see this installed and up and running!

    Yes, I can see why your videos inspire people to build their own sim. It is pretty amazing what you have done with yours and very realistic. I start the construction process of mine on Wednesday and really looking forward to that. I have all my parts now including the copilots side, so just have to build the shell!! Exciting!!

    1. No, I think Saitek is great, and the way you can configure it with SPAD.neXT is spectacular. But for the radios in particular I’ve decided I want something that much more accurately depicts the BendixKing gear I use in my real-world training. I want to map my muscle memory and procedures to the same buttons and dials I’m using in real life.

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