Northern Lights

I was in Wisconsin a few nights ago and we had clear skies, no moon, and an active Aurora Borealis. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights except from the passenger window of a transcontinental flight, and I’ve never seen anything like this. I managed to take a few time lapse photographs, and am sharing them here. The lights weren’t nearly as bright as this in real life but they were still an amazing sight to see and I’m very glad I saw them. I know this isn’t about aviation, but I thought aviation fans would probably enjoy these shots. (Oh, and I tossed in a Milky Way shot just for fun.)

3 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Brilliant photos. I’ve never seen the Aurora and I hope to some day. What camera and lens do you use for your astro photography?
    I’d heard that the sun is shooting a lot of stuff our way these days. Hence the Aurora at that latitude.

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