6 thoughts on “Cruising Spokane, WA

  1. Captain
    Thanks for another excellent video. As well as being just plain enjoyable, your videos like this provide what I call an excellent reference video. By that I mean that your descriptions help me set up a similar flight and so I’m able to compare my experience with yours, to a certain extent. I have added OLC Land Class NA and I want to make sure it’s all functioning correctly. I can also compare performance as I know roughly what your setup is compared to mine.

    You mentioned a glitch in the scenery ate the edge of a lake. Not sure exactly what it was, but I found out that texture on the edges of some lakes is set to freeze in winter (a Vector setting). However, in summer they don’t work and so just appear black. The only fix is to turn off frozen water in Vector.. For what its worth.

    Just one question. You said you preferred the A2A Cessna to the Carenado. I agree. My question is: since you are using a Saitek Multipanel have you been able to get the Saitek Autopilot controls and display to play nice with the Bendix Honeywell autopilot in the A2A Cessnas? I have not so far and its the one think that puts me off the A2A planes, wonderful though they are. Like you, I hate having to use the mouse.

    Keep up the great videos. I love your simpit. One day………

    1. Thanks so much, Tom. I’m really glad you like them. Thanks for the tip on the frozen water – that must be it!

      Using SPAD.neXt I indeed HAVE been able to program my multi-panel to play nice with the Bendix simulated by A2A, although I use it so infrequently I always wonder if it’s actually doing what it is supposed to do. I am happy to publish the snippet so you can download it, but first I’ll make sure it’s working right. I definitely is for the alt and heading holds, but I’m not sure the alt arm is working correctly. Actually, on second thought, I think it’s all working right, but I haven’t gotten the lights on the Saitek buttons to reflect the Bendix. Regardless, I’ll publish what I have.

      1. Captain
        That would be excellent. I haven’t messed with Spad.next yet. But I will be glad to tackle it if it gets me the last mile with the A2A. I just bought a Saitek TPM yesterday. They are as rare as hen’s teeth. But my local dealer just had one returned by a customer. Needless to say I snapped it up as it gets me closer to Cessna realism. I have the quadrant, so I can range between Cessna and Piper planes now.

        I learned a lot from your post on setting up the cameras in P3D and especially with the Pipers I have been able to get the 3 windows to play well together so I have a nice unbroken horizon line and continuous taxiway and runway edges. The Cessna planes are more of a challenge because of the wing over design that forces the top of the side windows lower. Your method nicely “hides” the issue by physically separating the front and side screens (projector image. I have the 3 monitors physically beside each other and thus I can see any broken horizon lines. But I think I’m as close as I can get with this setup.

  2. Very nice, bud. I was amused to see that the runs on Mt Spokane were depicted accurately, but the lifts were missing. Chalk one up for the simulated environmentalists. A slightly different angle in to the mountain and I could have looked for the condo, with its newly painted bathroom.

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