Weird Outcome Post Active Sky Next Upgrade


Having upgraded the sim to Prepar3d 3.2, last Friday night I downloaded the most recent Active Sky Next patch to keep everything current. I don’t know that this was necessary, as my ASN was working fine post-3.2, but I wanted to have the latest code running. After the install, two things happened:

  • I had no visible weather. No clouds of any kind, even when running off the ASN profile where METAR was showing cloud layers at my location.
  • I had a MASSIVE memory leak, running out of active memory and getting an out of memory error within about 15 minutes of launching any scenario. This was true just sitting on the tarmac – I coud just sit and watch my available memory dropping like a stone.

I believe the complicating factor is that I had uninstalled FSX Steam Edition just prior to the ASN upgrade, and I’m guessing the sim is searching for a Simconnect client that it can’t find. But while I can see how that might result in no visible weather, I don’t know that it would create a massive memory leak.

I’m away from the sim for a bit so I won’t be able to try to tinker to a solution for a while, but when I get it I’ll post it here.

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