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    • I too find them a little foggy even in cvok conditions, How do you like the 50 for a front view, does it work well for you , I may be forced to go that route due space restrictions,



    • Hi Scot,

      Yea, that foggy appearance X-plane has bothered me like a crazy. I will have to do a research about that and see how people get rid of it.

      About my 50″ TV it’s an LG brand (1080p). For me, it looks much better than the projector in terms of resolution. I think I should have purchased a new 55″ or 60″ 4K Ultra HD TV instead, but it’s too late since this is a used tv I get from a pawn shop and they don’t accept returns.

      The only thing I am afraid are the two gaps on both sides of the main TV once my SIM is built (I am waiting for the new construction guide from N15JG to build mine easily).

      My cockpit has the same dimensions of N15JG, so to hide those gaps I will have to make some internal adjustments or maybe cover the gaps with a wider interior trim on both sides. But I will see how I will handle that.

      On my tests, I tried to use the projector setup but it has been very difficult to get the views well matched, I have a limited space in my garage for my sim, so it’s a shame that I can’t use the projector because it could give me a very wide VOF.

      For my sides views, I will use two cheap 40″ HD tv’s, not great on resolutions but for $169 ea I can’t complain. I will cover them with some kind of “window mask” to give them the appearance of a real interior window frame.

      I still waiting for N15JG to publish his construction guide to start making my sim frame as soon as possible, that’s why I have not posted any picture yet.

      Thank you for asked me and good luck on your project!!!