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    Peter Spencer

    Hi BSG and all readers….

    Well we’re well on our way to getting X-plane 11 tuned for Oculus Rift VR. Even my first trial run flight without any optimization proved to be mind blowing. I’m just blown away by the level of immersion that is possible using VR! It is indeed the closest I have come since flying in the real airplane. It was absolutely amazing – and can’t wait till I get it all dialed in and optimized!

    I do have a request for BFG… I’ve been scouring through these forums to try to follow your path to the best optimized settings (for you anyway) and can see your progression so far, but it is a bit daunting to go through and find all your previous posts during your optimization of VR experience. Just like you have for your physical cockpit, it would be great to have a page or section like “What’s in the VR sim”, but separate, highlighting all of the software/mods you’re using, and your suggestions for optimized settings for each with VR.

    My hardware:
    PC: Cyberpower – i7-8700k (12 cores @ 3.7GHz, not overclocking yet); 32GB Ram (Intel Optane compatible); Liquid Cooled; 3tb HDD+250gb SSD; NVidia GTX 1080ti (12GB DDR5)
    VR Gear: Oculus Rift set (headset, 2 controllers, 2 cameras)
    Buttkicker 2 (not hooked up yet)
    Controllers: Saitek Yoke flight system and pedals, Logitech Extreme 3D pro for joystick planes
    I also am using an Arozzi Arena gaming desk and just ordered a new desk chair… Since we decided not to build a physical cockpit, but only use the physical controllers, there’s no reason to be in a cramped cockpit box.

    I’m taking a trip to the electronics store tomorrow to buy a proper HDMI-DP adapter for the monitor to mirror the headset and to figure out how I’m going to do my audio system on the new rig so it works with Buttkicker.

    My Software:
    Currently trying Super-Sampling at 1.6 using Oculus Tray Tool, but have yet to try Steam VR without Oculus Home (just found that post), also need to check how this super-sampling setting is affecting performance and frame drops from the video card. Also, are you using the Steam virtual desktop to bring your apps into X-plane cockpit? This is a payware it appears.

    Most native LR planes work well in VR, favorite so far is the Cessna 172 and Baron, also the 739 Zibo works surprisingly well in VR (we had to update to ultimate to get it to work). I don’t think I have any add-on planes beside the free Zibo mod that will work in VR, so I’ll have to start expanding my payware plane library – only VR compatibles from this point on!

    Someone on the Facebook group informed me of a website for free mods to help optimize LR and payware planes for VR use you may want to check out (I plan to try it soon): http://simvrlabs.com/

    So far I have not placed any of my custom scenery into the new computer and keeping it as vanilla as I can while I’m dialing in the Oculus Rift for X-plane 11. This also means I haven’t put in XSquawkbox, BetterPushback, or Xeconomy or other features. If there are any known conflicts of X-Plane plug-ins or add-ons that are not compatible with VR, please let everyone know.

    Some of the free VR games on Oculus Home and Steam VR also have been fun to play around in! My other son expressed interest in automotive racing games, so we might expand to other simulation genre’s too.


    Father-Son Flight Simulator

    Basement Fly Guy

    Hi Peter. Here’s a post with how I have things set up. I’m currently running with hyperthreading, and giving XP access to all but the first physical core. Other than that, these settings still hold. The video this post links to is, in my mind, essential to getting the best experience. But be careful messing with your BIOS …

    My Current X-Plane VR Settings

    N15JG On PilotEdge

    Peter Spencer

    Thanks! I’m sure this will be a big help.

    I have the new Oculus home now that includes the ‘dash’ and I’m trying to figure out how to pull windows and pin them inside Xplane. Do you know of a tutorial on this?

    Basement Fly Guy

    For me I had to unplug all other monitors other than the main PC monitor. As for how to use the Dash itself, there are plenty of videos online that can describe it better than I.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

    Peter Spencer

    Thanks BFG.

    The video was very helpful, and I ended up doing a lot of it only with a couple of differences…

    1- I purchased the hard copy of X-Plane 11, and not through Steam. Hence, I do not have to run Steam at all to play in VR, and I can still launch Xplane 11 out of Oculus home. (if I run X-Plane alone I can’t turn up supersampling). So I run it without Steam to minimize the resources to the PC. I also use Oculus Tray tool only to set the supersampling to 1.5 for X-plane, ASW to auto, instead of doing this same thing with Steam settings.

    2- Set-up process Lasso on cores 2-11 for X-plane, however not sure what the equivalent program to vrcompositor is for cores 0-1. I think this is a Steam program, but I don’t have the interrupt problem described anyway. Bitsum power also set to max.

    3- Found out my PC came already overclocked from 3.7 to 4.4, since I’m not that comfortable with OC’ing further, I left it alone. Also I could overclock the GPU a little using Firestorm, but also a little uncomfortable messing with it. I played around with cooling fan % to check performance differences and it seems minimal.

    4- 3JFPS is being used, and this does seem to help tremendously with fps stability at 45fps, used the wizard to determine settings.

    5- From there I just fine tuned graphics settings in X-Plane. AA to the first setting, textures to medium, and high quality, objects to medium, and shadows off. This seems to keep me very stable at 45fps.

    6- I disable whatever plug-ins I’m not going to use for good measure, many times for GA I turn off auto-gate, betterpushback, etc when flying VR.

    7- For VR video capture, Oculus Mirror with OBS studio seems to work just fine without too much hit on resources. Streaming also seems to work with one exception, I’m unable to get lonelyscreen to work, it always crashes after only minutes. I’m resistant to doing streams if I can’t see or participate in chat at least.

    I notice in some recent streams you used what looked like a native x-plane window for the chat on YouTube… is this a plug-in you can get?


    In any event, your input and help has been awesome and greatly appreciated, and this gets me flying much much sooner than having to try to figure this all out without it!


    Next purchases:

    A solid GA high performance SEL airplane VR compatible (eyeing the Carenado Bonanza)

    The FlightFactor A320 for the kiddo (to end the constant begging!)

    a VR cover kit, I went from ‘don’t need it’ to thinking it’s essential, particularly since I’m sharing the VR with my son. the original foam is already starting to get nasty.

    Rechargeable NiMH batteries for the rift controllers (seriously, I’m eating through at least 1 AA battery per week!)

    Of course, an annual subscription to Pilot Edge! Subscription to the Navigraph service, A force feedback Brunner CLS-E yoke (ok I’m dreaming).

    Peter Spencer

    Oh, one thing I forgot to mention… I am unable to use the buttkicker at this time because it requires a sound system to be plugged in for the drivers to recognize it. I use a tv for a monitor or rift headset and my PC sounds go through these. I cannot just hook up the buttkicker by itself into the motherboard… This was unfortunate. I did confirm it works, but I can’t hook it up until I get at least a 2.1 speaker system.

    This is not a problem with the buttkicker, it’s the PC Realtek drivers that limit the use of the subwoofer only from the connections. So if anyone else is thinking about this, make sure you have PC speakers!

    Peter Spencer

    Just found MoveVR plugin on the org….   I hope that solves some of my issues bringing windows into the VR environment.

    Basement Fly Guy

    Hi. Hope you’ve had success with MoveVR. Works great for me. And if you use the Oculus Debug Tool, which sits in one of the Oculus folders, you can run super-sampling without having to run the Oculus home software. Saves a few frames I’m sure.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

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