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    First off, thank you for maintaining this page and forum!  I’ve enjoyed watching your sim progression over the last year or so.  I’ve taken a lot your ideas and incorporated them in my build.

    I appreciate the testing and reporting that you’re doing on here for VR! I’ve dusted off the Oculus in the last week or so and have been playing around myself.  [13+ months ago]I bought flyinside (for both P3D and FSX) and did some playing, but couldn’t get it to a really usable state.  Put it in the closet and decided I’d wait on some firmware and software updates to come.

    I’m stoked that XPlane has put support in the sim, I can’t take advantage of it since I lack the touch controllers (bought the Rift before the controllers were released), but can still use flyinside, and things are better than they were.

    Finally, (and the main intent of this post) is that I just wanted to point out a VR flight simulating gem by the name of AeroflyFS2.  From my experiences, it runs really smooth with very high rendering options and minimal tweaking. I think it’s on sale in Steam now, but it’s still around $50.  If you happen to have a Steam gift card, or some credit, I’d recommend checking it out.

    Basement Fly Guy

    Will do and thanks. And thanks for reading.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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