Why is there no ATIS at your VNY scenery?

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Taxi Into Position And Hold asked 11 months ago

I m using your scenery for KVNY. There is no ATIS when I tune the freq. In. Is this because of your scenery or something wrong natively in X-Plane 11?

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Basement Fly Guy Staff answered 11 months ago

In the original version I uploaded to the gateway the ATIS was wrong and it slipped through. Since then another designer has improved upon my KVNY even further. The most recent version has the correct freq in X-Plane 11.2 and beyond. If for some reason you don’t have the most recent version you can get it on the Gateway. I have the most recent version, so I too am curious why the ATIS doesn’t read out. I’m going to re-download it from the Gateway.