James Elder

  • Here is a little trick I found that I haven’t seen posted anywhere.  To edit your default starting position, change the BEGIN_TELEPORT_HOTSPOT SITTING CoPilot’s Seat
    PRESET_XYZ 0.2438 0.42 0.0  settings in the Cessna_172SP_vrconfig file.

  • I think resetting your preferences will help as I don’t think you should have multiple screens showing in the settings.  I will double check what shows on mine.  Yes, tray tool and debug do the same thing, but once you figure out the best settings, tray tool will allow you to create a profile and set that each time.  I have not played with Hy…[Read more]

  • I think I have a similar system as yours.  I am running a 4770k (no hyperthreading at this moment) overclocked to 4.5Ghz, 24gb ram and a 980ti.  Not sure how you upgraded to 11.20, but for now I am running a separate instance and I am just hyperlinking all my scenery.  Here are a my current settings:

    In Steam VR settings, Developer Menu,  tur…[Read more]

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