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  • My understanding is you can also use rotary encoders that are then assigned values in the software. Depending on encoder depth and panel depth, you can make the instruments look quite nice. What I don’t know though is how easy it is to use encoders (with a controller card via USB connection) drive gauges on an iPad). I have see it done on monitors…[Read more]

  • I have been looking into physical gauges too. I have read that Flight Illusions gauges readily work with XP11 whereas SimKits are not officially supported but can be made to work depending on one’s technical skill. Pricing is similar ($$$) but a slight favor to FI. That SimKits does have nice throttle/mixture controls that register as joysticks…[Read more]

  • Has anyone cracked the code? I am sketching out my cockpit build with the use of three HD LED displays (vs the front being projector) and I am quite concerned that immersion could be off if alignment isn’t good.


    Not opposed to projector but I am mounting to a motion platform and feel the motion could be an issue for the projector and less so…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone. I am in the planning stages of building my home cockpit and I was curious to know collective thoughts on the use of curved monitors for the side views?

    Aside from the cost (expensive), would they add to the immersion or detract?

    Would they offer some parallax (maybe if set back a bit from the “window/door frame”?

    Also, on the…[Read more]

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