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    Any one else try it?
    X-plane 11 GSTEP program (Beta version) posted on their site.

    “Since the new version of X-plane there are many more new interfacing possibilities. That’s why we’ve launched a new GSTEP program that supports the new Datarefs and Multiple Datarefs.
    The new GSTEP program is a Beta version: feel free to use it and check out the new features yourself!”

    I tried it last evining, (mixed feelings with it)
    My control loading yoke works better,

    BUT,…….still big problems with the Auto pilot, it’s all hosed up!, Turn it on, hit any other butten and it disengages, also now xplane data can’t talk back to it correctly.
    Seems they went backwords on the Autopilot.

    For the XPDR, the ident does not work, the rest of the XPDR still works as it did, (Not Correct)



    I’m also having the same issue with my FI Autopilot  it disengages whenever I hit another button,,,to expensive hardware to not support this.I really hope
    this gets corrected,


    I have a brand new FI transponder and the latest FI software. The transponder works as you describe with the IDT not functioning. Matthijs thought that X-Plane 11 did not support the IDT function but I told him that it has for some time. I am using a button on another device in the meantime to do an IDENT with Pilotedge.

    Another problem that I see is that with the FI transponder connected and running (as in set to RUN in the control program) the X-Plane 11 altitude/pressure gets set to Flight Level 271 every few minutes. If I just touch my altimeter adjust in any way, it returns immediately to the set pressure, say 29.92. In 5 or 10 minutes, the flight level zooms back up to 271 and the altimeter rotates around to match that. If I tell the control program to STOP the transponder, the problem goes away.

    Has anyone seen that issue? I have described it in an email to Matthijs.





    Yes, I have tried the last 2 builds of the software and the transponder still works as you describe, plus new bugs now with the control software for their

    FFB Yoke, I have about had it with them. We spend thousands of dollars for the products they offer and state on there web site that it will work as it should. Xplane 11 is the easiest of all the sims to get the data out to do what needs to be done, We are not a priority so it seems


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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