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    Jason Hunter
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    Hello people

    Does any one know where to buy an Oculus Rift in Australia or am i better to buy from the US and get it shipped to Australia .


    Nigel Eiffe
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    eBay looks to be your best bet

    Without the touch controllers but if you are wanting to replicate what the Basement sim guy is doing with touching buttons etc you would need to purchase the touch controllers. This $649AU free postage that is about $150 less than i paid when the first came out.

    Here is complete package with controllers and at $759AU is closer to $300 cheaper than I paid for my setup new with controllers and again free shipping.Both of these sellers have a high sell count with great feedback so secure. Also pay with PayPal if you can you then have the security if the product is not as described or fit for purpose PayPal will protect you to ensure you get the money back.

    just curious what video card you have, I have 3 different VR headsets my personal recommendation is that I wouldn’t bother with VR unless you have 1070 or higher graphics card and to be honest 1070ti if you have the money 1080ti.

    I would also follow the fairly detailed guide the basement sim guy put up on how to setup VR settings in X-Plane. Because if you experience any slow frames or stutters or clipping in VR in the flight sim you will hate it instantly


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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