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    This Company makes motion seats for the movie theaters near you

    They also make a full motion sim

    Xplane is on their list of games



    The big Question is


    How much?


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    [One starts thinking how to explain this to an already far too patient wife …]

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    Dennis Wierzbicki
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    That’s a rough web site. Hard to tell exactly what they’re selling and once I finally figured it out, I had no idea how much they are charging.


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    We have a D-Box for Sim work. The single-seat 6DOF unit. It’s about 15k in price and not really worth it. It was good for the sensation of motion while you were changing positions, but the degree of movement was not as much as you might think.


    Anotherwords, while in a steady bank, you won’t feel like you are learning enough. Additionally, because you are lacking the actual centripetal force of motion, you will slide in the seat…which feels like a slip or a slide.


    Not worth that that much cash, though. JMHO


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    I agree with Spankybus. Motion cuing systems don’t really move a whole lot and really don’t add that much to the experience and can be a PITA to maintain. They do, however, make for great advertising and bragging rights.

    In my opinion, if you dont have 60 degrees roll, 45 degrees yaw and 90 degrees pitch, it’s not worth it. In fact, at the BATD and AATD level, I question the need for it at all.

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    My Buttkickers are enough for me. I just love being able to feel the change in RPMs and the gear going up. I also love not telling a passenger that I have them and then watching their face when I turn the starter key 🙂

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