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    Bob Clement

    Hi mattew I have gt1080 optoma but for me no success what about you I try on ceilling a 3.5 feet.
    let me know please because i wiil return if you cannot also.

    Matthew Krivanek

    I posted a follow up to Bob on my use with the GT1080. You can read here:

    My real world experience is: I made it work, but it wasn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be. Because of the distance in order to get 100″ there’s a small shadow cast from part of the cockpit as well as the very bottom of the screen (~1″) gets clipped from view. It works for my dad’s sim we’re building with the space requirements we have, but personally with the one I’m building for myself, I don’t have enough room and will need to go with the Optoma GT5500.

    Matthew Krivanek

    This may be of limited utility but here’s a distance calculator for Optoma models:


    Hey BFG,


    Regarding the forward projector, how wide is your screen? 100 inch or 120 inch?

    From your seat, can you see where the screen ends? Particularly when to look forward and right?

    Working on my cockpit design in 3D, but if I have the cockpit panel/glare shield section ahead of the windshield arms (like it is in the real Cessna), I can see the edge of the projector screen in 3d.


    Cockpit panel gap example

    Richard Wolff

    I’d trust your 3d model. I’m in the process of building a sim with a 100″ screen. It’s not wide enough; I should have thought harder. This is with the front of the construction 2.5 inches (about) from the screen. 120 inches looks like it would just work. So I will either move the sim to the left and make things worse for the second seat, if there ever is one, or maybe I need some of those air vents!

    Basement Fly Guy

    With 100 inches I and the passenger have a full field of view. If I lean forward over the glare shield I can see the edge of the screen, but not from normal flying position. As for the shadow, this is why I went with an ultra short throw.

    Don’t forget about the possibilities of rear projection. If you have a room that’s long enough, this might be an excellent solution and would eliminate the issue of the shadow …

    N15JG On PilotEdge

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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