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    Basement Fly Guy
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    I spent time this morning trying to improve the alignment of my visuals from the GoPro eye point. The new settings were 56 degree FOV on the side with a pitch offset of -7.5, and the front is now a 109 degree FOV with a +8 pitch offset. Prior FOVs were 57 on the sides and 97 on the front, so the front is a pretty significant increase in field of view. The test video follows. I think this is an improvement. The alignment of the runways etc. is better from front to sides, and the sizing is more accurate. I also noticed less “transition time” as objects passed from the front to size views.


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    Looks better! Did you also had to change the object settings in plane maker?

    I tried deleting some interior parts (seats etc) but it doesn’t work. Only the textures disappear but the 3D model is still visible…. So it is unusable.

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    Basement Fly Guy
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    Did not touch Planemaker at all …

    N15JG On PilotEdge


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    I think it looks much better too 🙂

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    Looks great to me!



    Dennis Wierzbicki
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    Big improvement. From my perspective, though, items still take a little too long to transition from the center screen to the right screen. They appear well aligned..

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