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    John Manous


    Hi to all. Been following this site for the past month and decided to go all in and start building my C172 cockpit.

    So far I purchased a Brunner yoke, the short throw projector BFG recommended, the two insignia side monitors and the Realsim Gns530.

    Im looking to make it as realistic as possible so I would like to purchase a pre made 172 panel that I can put a 22” (or so) monitor behind it. The only ones I can find is one from “Diagma” on eBay and another from “Macbare” cockpits which I really like but they’re in Spain and they said it takes about 20-30 days to manufacture and send, total cost $450 which includes shipping.

    I don’t want to have to build my own as I’m sure it won’t look as good plus I would have to learn how to program the knobs with arduino and with a 6 year old running around will never happen.

    Lastly, regarding the 2 32” insignia monitors I purchased from Best Buy, they are only 720p not 1080, will that make a big difference? Should I bring them back and get 2 1080 monitors?

    Im hoping to get started shortly, any help will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I love this site!

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    Basement Fly Guy

    Hi. I would strongly suggest 1080p. To my eye, I notice a big difference when I switch to 780. Your mileage may vary.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

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