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    Pedro J Monroig

    The same things happens to me, is like having crosswind. Especially when landing, same as you I tried changes using the plane maker but things came worst. I see the TBG have a perfect view, so I think is a way to fix this situation. Hope someone here help us and sure some others to fix this situation. I opted to move my head to the center of the cockpit when landing which has no sence from simulation standpoint. I will ask X-plane guys and see what they say,

    Richard Wolff

    Regarding the (non-existent) “crosswind”, you might consider the following.  Load the default C172. The panel will be quite prominent and if your situation is like mine, clearly at an angle to my glareshield.  I then added a lateral angular shift of 5 degrees to that screen.  As a result the default panel and mine appear more or less parallel, and when I use C172 with my edited acf file, the world makes more sense.  This is definitely in the “if it works, don’t question it” category.

    Hanan Moiseyev

    I think that I found a way to nail this issue:

    I use a 40″ for the front and 32″  for the sides.

    I set both sides to FOV of 60 and the front to 90

    Now, my trick is to install x-camera. this will allow you to move the viewpoint to the center of the aircraft. Then, I twaekd the roll offset at 5 degrees on the side screens and it’s aligned perfectly

    Brian Hedrick

    So, I’ve tried both solutions above.  @Richard, this seemed to work, slightly, although it put the prop off to the side as opposed to in the center of the screen (center of the airplane).  Not ideal but is this how yours ended up as well and what you are living with or were you able to correct that with the offsets and/or plane maker?

    @Hanan, I just couldn’t get XCamera to work for me to fix this issue, but it is a pretty cool application nonetheless if I ever end up running XPlane outside of the cockpit and I need to “move” around the virtual cockpit.

    Quick question to everyone just in general…  when you are flying, and sitting in the pilots position, are you looking straight ahead or toward the center of the plane (prop) for directional awareness?  Obviously you should keep your gaze moving across the entire field of view for proper full awareness of your surroundings, but in general, when flying straight and level, where do you predominately look?

    thanks so much,


    Pedro J Monroig


    I corrected the view problem like you and have the prop little bit to the left, i need play with plane maker to see if there are ways to correct it. At least I feel flying in a more real plane now.

    I fly scanning the area to visually locate me in relation to area map and to be ready for any emergency like real flying. I normally look more to the front for directional awareness/ control, but every pilot have its own book and preferences. My CFI teach me to constantly scan the area for safety, also scan the gauges. I try practice the same scanning procedure I learned during my training for the day that I decided to fly real plane again. The scanning method already safe me from trouble in the air. Again is more person related.

    Like in a real plane nice see to the sides where you have more to see, front view is limited and sometimes need some turns to see what is below plane nose/prop.

    Xplane needs do something to improve the way we locate the view point like Preprd3d, but lot of improvements over years, also need a plane that reflects better the real one, default C172 is not real.

    Richard Wolff

    Brian … Yes, it’s off center.  I don’t understand the situation well enough to explain anything, but I can blather on and make a point or two.  First, as you are aware, if you set up the side windows so things look great as viewed from the center, say where bfg has his go pro camera, then the alignment when you sit in the pilots seat is not as good.  Conclusion, you can’t have it all.

    Secondly, and more to the point, if you set up the front monitor with zero offsets, and sit in your chair which is not in the center of the cockpit, and stare straight ahead, with, say, the plane parked on a runway centerline and pointed straight down the runway, then you won’t be looking straight down the runway (or at least I’m not).  I’m looking then at a point to the left of the runway, and thus, further out, that gaze goes off the runway and off into the hills.  That’s of course not how it works in real life.  But real life doesn’t put up close objects and distant ones all on the same plane 3 feet from your eyes.

    My screen is a 100″ one, which means 87″ across and the FOV of that display is set at 97 degrees.  That’s approximately 1 degree FOV for each inch.  Since I sit about 10″ from the center of the panel, staring straight ahead puts my gaze at a point that’s about 10 degrees offset from center of the projected image on the screen.  But I want to see down the runway when looking straight ahead.  Something has to give, so I shift the front screen laterally a bit. I’ve gotten up as high as 8 degrees.  Yes the prop is somewhat wrong.  Right now, I don’t mind.

    I tried changing the pilot location in PlaneMaker … it’s possible to do that (temporarily) with the DataRef Editor plugin in real time … and can’t find a better solution than that lateral 8 degree offset.

    Take this all with a grain of salt … it’s quite possible it is irrelevant or doesn’t make sense.  And I haven’t tried XCamera.


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    Brian Hedrick

    Richard, thanks for the info.  I’ll give things a shot again with your suggestions.  I may end up just taking the prop out of the equation by removing it in Plane Maker (not ideal but better than having it off center and tilted a bit).

    Aaron Halfacre

    Has anyone cracked the code? I am sketching out my cockpit build with the use of three HD LED displays (vs the front being projector) and I am quite concerned that immersion could be off if alignment isn’t good.


    Not opposed to projector but I am mounting to a motion platform and feel the motion could be an issue for the projector and less so for a large screen TV.



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