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    Hanan Moiseyev

    So, the construction is done (I promise that I will upload some media soon) and I am starting to tweak the displays (among many other things) to align nicely.
    Now since I wanted to build a mobile sim, I used a 40″ LED for the front view and two 32″ LEDs for the windows.
    Now I am trying to understand what to do with the settings of the screens.
    So the -90 — 0 — +90 is easy enough.
    My current issues are with the horizon at the moment.

    I have a tricky situation.
    My main screen is FULL HD and the windows are HD READY, with the base of the TVs aligned. So I am trying to figure out how to make the horizon nicely aligned, and after that, I need to understand which offset should be changed to fix the virtual basal (I have around 15cm distance between the front screen and the side screens) issue so the scenery will appear on time in each screen.

    I found the XP11 guide for this, can’t say I got it right.

    So guys, Any tips from the veterans?

    Dennis Wierzbicki

    Hanan, I used the settings posted elsewhere on this site as starting points. I have a 50″ 1080p screen as my front view, and two 32″ 1080p screens (different brands) for the side views:


    65 FOV
    -90 Lateral
    -10.5 Vertical
    -1 Roll

    109 FOV
    0 Lateral
    8 Vertical
    0 Roll

    52 FOV
    90 Lateral
    -5.5 Vertical
    -2 Roll

    I then played with the vertical adjustment of the front view until the view was where I wanted it (something like 8 vertical), and then played with the side vertical numbers until the horizon matched the front. The best suggestion I can make is just input a number, and see what happens to the horizon.

    Then I played with the roll settings. I found the effect of these weren’t as apparent as the vertical settings, but became more important as I rolled the aircraft. If I got them wrong, the horizons would get all hosed up when I rolled.

    Your settings will be specific for you.

    Lo wie

    Hi Hanan,

    cool that you are bulding this flight sim frame with televisions. I have the same idea, also 40″ and 2 32″ monitors.

    Could you please share some pictures of the frame and the positioning of tv front television?

    Thank you in advance.


    Hanan Moiseyev

    Hi Louis,

    My setup is still in design progress, as I now understand that aligning the bottom (or top) of all screens will make life easier when trying to align them all.

    I have also started to play around with the way I want my dashboard to be set. I like “close to reality” setups but I had a few limitations. For example, the stock wood paltes over here are 122cm wide, and that’s about 2 inches less then what can fit to pilot sits. So I built my own sit and I will pad it later, and the second sit will be an office chair.

    the entire unit has to be mobile, so it is basically up in the air (on wheels), which is a good thing, I actually had my basement flooded last Friday, and the sim is fine (the PC is also in the rig)

    Feel free to ask more questions…

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    Hanan Moiseyev

    BTW, one interesting method I came up with to align the screens:

    load the default Cessna, having the camera exactly in the center.

    Now set every screen to cover exactly the window it pretends to be.

    it actually gave a great result!

    Lo wie

    Hey Hanan,

    Great, thank you for sharing your setup, really helpful. I’m also setting up the 40″, but thinking to have the left and right side of the plane aligned to the sides of the 40″. So a little smaller than a real cessna.

    I’m currently still in the sketchup phase 🙂


    Jarrod B

    It would be great if you can all share your performance results once you get the 3 monitors up and running.  I’ve finished my build but my FPS is really bad with all three screens running (like < 10 FPS).  Trying to figure out why this is.


    It would be great if you can all share your performance results once you get the 3 monitors up and running. I’ve finished my build but my FPS is really bad with all three screens running (like < 10 FPS). Trying to figure out why this is.

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    I hear you brother https://youtu.be/FRGshcWTIo8


    Brian Hedrick

    I am having a heck of a time trying to get my 3 TVs to be aligned properly.  I’ve followed just about everyone’s advice that I can find and nothing still looks right.  I’m using a 60″ TV up front with two 32″ TVs on either side.  No matter what I do, nothing is lining up. I get it to line up (or what I think is lined up) while on the ground and then when I start flying, it all goes wacky…  I’m not sure if there is anything anyone can advise to assist, but it is really nerve racking having put this much time and effort in to building the cockpit to not have this look right.  Appreciate any assistance anyone can provide.

    Christian Reichel

    I have the same Problems. I tought that it is related to the different size of Monitors. I use a 55 inch and TwomonUSB 24 inch monitors like i described in the post view Setup Baron. I found the following link https://fly.elise-ng.net/index.php/blog/95-blog-xplane-multiview Will try it out on weekend.

    Please of anyone has a Solution Post it.


    Thanks Christian

    Hanan Moiseyev

    After playing around with this for a while, I found that the best way for me was:
    1. align the screens so the bases of them all are at the same level.
    2. use only the lateral offset (-90, 0, 90)
    3. tweak the flat fractional offsets! This what makes it all work
    XP11 is smart enough to know that you have different screens and resolutions but, you should also set the screen resolution for each screen (don’t use default).

    The only thing left is the field of view. That depends on your seat location and etc.

    Good luck!

    Brian Hedrick

    @Hanan, thanks for this but what are the “flat fractional offsets”?  I don’t recall seeing a setting with this description anywhere.  I only see the FOV, the Lateral Offset, Vertical Offset, and Roll Offset.

    Hanan Moiseyev

    Look for the option to enable lateral offsets in each screen’s configuration, right at the bottom of the scrolable list.

    Christian Reichel


    and thank you for the tip with the flat fractional offsets. But Iam unable to get good alinement. In the left and right window I didnt get a good alinement in regard to lines which run fom left to right. When Iam standing perpendicular to the middle line they will not aline with line in the center screen. The lines in the right window are angeled towards me. When Iam taking off the left/right view is tilting – during start the prop will tilt up and the horizont isnt alinened with the front screen horizont and during landing vice versa. I hope someone understands my writing and can help me.

    kind regards Christian



    Brian Hedrick

    I’d like to ask a somewhat related question.  When you all are flying, are you looking straight ahead from the pilot’s seat or are you keeping your gaze toward the center of the nose?  It seems that if I look straight ahead, and hold a steady heading, I feel like I am flying sideways.  If I move to the center of the cockpit and look straight ahead, everything looks OK (I seem to be flying straight).  I’ve tried to alter things in Plane Maker to fix this, but nothing seems to work.  No matter what I do, when I am in the proper pilot’s seat and look straight ahead, it feels like I am flying sideways.  And before anyone asks, I have the weather set so that there is absolutely no wind, so no cross wind causing this.

    Any assistance or thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Brian.

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