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    Hi All,


    What a great project for my Son, Daughter and Wife!  🙂

    So we are almost done with the framing and I have sourced ALMOST all the parts for the sim….2 questions though so far:

    1. I am having trouble finding the correct density (everything seems so soft.) foam for the glareshield.  I went to hobby lobby and Joanne fabrics, but the foam they had by the yard seemed to (for lack of a better term) “squishy”….in other words, just not strong enough. Where did you all get your foam?

    2.  The side tvs….How on earth are they supported well enough?  I just dont see how they can stay on a piece of wood as small as the framing wood is.  any pics of how you set up your side tvs would be helpful!  Thanks!




    I actually bought 1″ foam and black vinyl from JoAnn Fabric this past weekend.  My wife is hopefully going to make the glare shield this week so I’ll let you how it turns out.  Also, I had responded back to your other post but had another thought on the TV’s.  I purchased Vizio’s and although the bottom was flat my wife and son still had to hold them steady until I had the inside and outside walls installed.  I’ve attached a picture of the outside wall.  I also cut the inside holes too high so I used felt pads on top of the 2×4’s to raise them.  Hopefully this helps.


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    I had the same concern with the foam for the glairshield. I bought the same 1″ foam from Joann Fabric and black leatherette fabric and I just don’t think it will be as stable as I wanted. But I guess I just wont be setting anything on the glairshield, it will be more for looks.

    For my side walls, the whole structure is made out of 2×4 white pine wood. I have a horizontal beam going across the wall which the 32’s sat on. I took two boards and cut dado joints the thickness and deepness of the bezel of the 32″ tv’s. So I mounted them on both sides of the tv. These side beams with dado joints holds the tv in place vertically, the weight of the tv is on the horizontal beam.


    I never could find the corrigated plastic so my whole flight sim is covered in thin plywood and I painted it.

    Basement Fly Guy

    I just built a small brace behind the panel. A piece of 2×2 the same height as the panel, screwed into the panel from below. Then I screwed a scrap piece of MDF from the panel that’s a few inches wide by a few inches longer into the 2×2 from above, so it looks like a T. Then I put a long piece of cardboard about four or five inches wide along that, which runs the length of most of the shield and can curve with it (which MDF can’t do). This is plenty strong for me to put a cup of coffee on the shield if I like …

    As for the foam, I got it at the fabric store. It’s green and an inch thick and is high density.

    N15JG On PilotEdge

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