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    Here ar my first thoughts about VR.
    As mentioned in an other post, I have a simular setup as BFG, and started to build a curved screen setup , still in early stage.
    Before going further with it, I just wanted to try the VR to see for myself.
    Now, last week I builded a new rig,
    Specs are .
    Asrock Z370 extreme 4 motherboard.
    8700K cpu
    Gigabyte GTX1080 TI
    16 gig 3200 memory
    2 times samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD 500 gig
    1 time 8TB seagate HD

    And friday my lenses from VR lens _EU arrived, (wear glasses)together with the Rift.
    Putting in the lenses was a bit of a pain, and completely my fault, because In my eagerness to put them in I mixed left with right.
    Once i saw my mistake , putting them in was a breeze, and they  are good.

    When setting up the rift I encounterd problems, because the USB ports did not recognized my sensors, no matter what ports I used, it did not work, after a few attemps to run the rift software setup, and trying an usb hub, it still did not work.
    So googled it and found out that lots of people have this problem, they even had to buy a specific brand of usb PCI card.
    Then I noticed that the oculus home software shortcut was already on my desktop, even when the setup was not complete .
    Opening oculus home told me to get an update and then my sensors where recognized.

    Now for the experience it self, first the pro’s
    It is in one word mind blowing, sitting in the cockpit of the Cessna feld realy cramped, and the the immersion is complete, the 3 D effect is wonderfull
    Sitting in the 747 or the MD is overwhelming., nothing can beat that.

    There are so much planes to choose from, in such great detail and realism, that it wins hands down comparing to a hardware setup,
    A hardware setup is also nice, but it limmits you to a few types of plane, in the virtual world, you can fly whatever you like, and this is a huge benifit.
    So much more to learn.
    The feeling of flying and sence of hight is perfect, no monitor or screen setup can match it.

    Now for the contra’s

    It is a bit blury, and the gauges are not all that sharp , unless leaning forward and getting close to them, and I use supersampling 1.7 in Oculus tray tool.
    The main menu in the hangar is even worse.
    The screendoor effect is there, and the scenery is also blury, a bit corse
    It looks like my 100″ image from my beamer, only a bit worse.
    And, this is personal, but after a few minutes, I had to grab my seat, because
    I got dizzy, banking and pitching fast , is like sitting on a rolllercoaster for me, hope it gets better.

    Now my personal conclusion , is.
    If I can stand the vertigo.

    It is the better and more real setup, with great potential .
    In the future, there will better goggles, with much higher resolution,
    It cost much less than a hardware setup.
    Need less room, and far less time than building a 3 beamer curved screen setup.

    So for now, I gonna stop building, and try to see if I can get used to this wonderfull revolution.
    This ofcourse is my personal feeling of VR

    Basement Fly Guy

    How’s the vertigo coming along?

    N15JG On PilotEdge


    Thanks for asking!

    all in all, it’s a bit getting used to, in slow turns, no problem, rapid turns , or on the ground taxi, more of a problem.

    in the  737,747, or MD no problem at all, they turn slow.

    the worse time I had in the glider, trying to follow the tow plane, o man, that was like a rollercoaster.


    also , stutterfree makes a difference.

    tried most of the tweaks, but some did not make a difference

    project lasso for me, leaving the first 2 cores out  , or using all 12 cores with hyperthreading enabled don’t make any difference.

    I now run at 4.7 Ghz fixed, and use only the oculus debug tool, supersampling to 2.0, and ASW to auto

    in Xplane world objects medium and AA the slider all the way to the left, so no AA, if I set it to 2 I get lags when turning my head.

    I can live with the poor resolution outside the window, but having trouble reading the gps, maybe a bendix stack or collins radios read better.

    next week the vive pro comes out, and with  a 70% increase in resolution this might be better, but you have to buy controllers and sensors also, making this a big investment.

    once the first findings come true we will know more


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