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    Hanan Moiseyev

    When I started to build my home sim, obviously after meeting the OTG site, I never thought it would take so much time to progress.
    It’s not taking too long to make things, and it’s allot of fun but there are other tasks in life (obviously) that consume allot of my sim time…

    Anyhow, winning aside, here is a photo of my current sim status (in the photo I am training myself on the L52 –> KBSP route for my first flight on PE)

    The entire sim is on wheels.
    The sim is allot higher then the original cabin to allow me to somehow stand in it.
    I decided to ditch the idea of the Saitek panels for comms and AP since they do allot of trouble to me wit XP11, so I used 2 iPads for for the 6 pack and the Radio Stack.
    The board holding the iPads and the FIPs is a 16mm pine wood. Not the easiest material to work with but it’s durable. I have 2 sets of twins which can destroy anything…

    I am still struggling to make the FIP nobs operational. I just can’t find a good manual for this…
    I use the Saitek Combat paddles and they are not as smooth as in real life. Are the cessna/regular pedals any better?
    The front screen is only 42″, an old budget limitation. I will probably replace it with a 55″ later on.

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