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    I have the Pro Flight Yoke system and rudder pedals. How do I get xplane to read dual controls. Also I came across an older post that mentioned having a toggle to switch the controls over to the FO seat. As of right now, only one side has control of the airplane at all times and we haven’t figure out how to create dual controls with a toggle. Anyone have any advice?


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    X-Plane, unlike P3D or FSX, will not read deflections from two sets of control simultaneously. I wrote a how-to on how I solved this here. Hope it helps. Works great for me.

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    Still cannot figure out the script method for dual controls….I am using a 4 hub usb for the 2 sets of flight controls….switchable….but still not really “dual” controls as in fsx….. sigh




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    Corey, do a search on the main page. In the comments someone posted a software solution that allows you to configure joysticks and yokes where, in essence, the game (X-Plane) sees a virtual yoke as being plugged into the USB port to which you have mapped physical yoke controls. So, for example, you can have both real yoke X axes mapped to the virtual yoke’s X axis, which X-Plane then sees as one …

    See this: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/89279-ujr-universal-joystick-remapper-using-vjoy/

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